Why Are Most Of My Social Posts Written?

There are sooo many ways to deliver content with moving images and sound, even if all you have is a smartphone.

So why is it that the overwhelming majority of my content stuff is written?

This approach to growing and nurturing an audience of like-minded followers would seem to fly in the face of current social content creation best practice, especially when video is such a hot topic and is so easy to put together.

Also, I am not too shabby at the tech side of things.

I can edit on the fly with iMovie or Splice (am loving the Splice app on my iPhone).

I know my way around Canva and can combine this with Gimp (FREE photoshop alternative) to create fairly modest social pics.

I’ll be the very first to admit that I am no designer by any means. In fact I would describe my design skills as adequate at best ( which is why I follow proper grown up designers and steal, I mean borrow their design ideas for inspiration )

I even have the basics of Audacity under my belt.

So why to do I predominantly take the no video or pics approach?

Am I too cool for this school?

Nope, I’m sorry to say, I have a voice that will put you to sleep, even after a mid afternoon latte.

For some reason, which I am yet to fathom, my video presentation skills are as about as riveting as watching a new coat of paint dry on a set of traffic lights that are stuck on red, while you are in your car with no signal and a dead radio.

And that’s me on a good day.

That’s not to say I am terminally dull.

Oh no.

When I am with my pals or family I can be fairly animated, and can fill a room with roars of laughter or scream at the TV when ever my team are getting beat. ( A glass of Merlot or a nip of Auchentoshan sometimes helps.)

However, as soon as I attempt to explain anything on video about my day job or anything website related then I convert to Mr MonoTone voice.

It’s so bad that my voice overs should be preceded with stern government health warning with very clear instructions not to listen while driving, performing dentistry or operating heavy machinery.

So this is why I have resigned to making non-verbal posts my modus operandi for content creation.

I’m sure this will not sit well with some folks who are way more extroverted but I cannot with all due conscience, subject to world to a noise that is less preferable than static.

Alternatively if you are having any sort of trouble sleeping, then let me know.

I may be able to utilise my skills for some sort of sleep therapy

If you think a monologue from me about the merits of conditional formatting in excel (from my day job), or the process of free writing an idea before publishing It will help with your insomnia, then I am available for hire at very reasonable rates. ( 1 coffee and a biscotti will do thank you.)

Yup, if you need an insomnia hack, I am always ready to be of service.

How Does This Relate To You?

I realise that this is a bit of a waffle and I am definitely NOT looking for the sympathy vote.

Your method of content creation is just as much about what you are comfortable with as well as how your audience want to receive their information

Rather, I just wanted to highlight that your method of content creation is just as much about what you (website owner person) are comfortable with as well as how your audience (the folks you want to help) want and tend to receive their information.

So if you are a super introvert ( like me ) then make the written word your go to method of choice.

Don’t worry if you think you cannot write. There’s a very simple technique you can use ( it will take practice though) where you can overcome this.

You can read how I do it here.

Your Content Machine

So if you have decided the written word is the main option for your content machine but you don’t feel your skills are up to it, remember 2 things:

1) If you have something helpful to contribute that you know will help someone then release that sucka to the world.

2) Think of your your writing as a conversation, so use a conversational tone in your posts

3) Ok I lied, there’s a third. Practice the art of free writing. Its a technique that really really helped (and is still helping) me. I am no wordsmith but I am way more confident of putting pen to paper or tapping out a first draft on my phone.

So to wrap up, don’t feel as if you have to be a video superstar to connect with who you want to help.

Using video to make yourself known certainly does go a long way in building a trust factor, but if your strength is in the written word, make that your main content outlet.

As always, best of luck with your site


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