Website Platform

The goal of creating a website for your small business or side hustle has been made more achievable with website platform or builders. They help make this part of your journey happen with a few simple mouse clicks.

No coding, no having to learn how to store variables or call out sub routines

For the most part, you log into your Website Hosting account, select the install option and then wait a few minutes.

There are a few platforms to choose from, such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. They all offer drag and drop functionality, ease of use and the ability to create great looking sites. My advice is to find one you like and learn how it works, rather than try to become a master of all of them.

My preferred option is WordPress, as it combines the ease of drag and drop and the flexibility of getting under the hood, should you so desire.

It is also the Website Platform of choice for a ton of sites (beginners and corporates alike) around the world.

Oh yeah, it’s also free. Free to download and free updates.

Part 3 of my Free E-Guide; The Straight Talk Web Guide explains the low down behind WordPress and what it can offer you, but on this page I want to share with you the steps I follow to install it,

How To Set Up Your Website Platform

Step 1 – Select the WordPress installation from your Website Hosting

If you’ve set your website hosting up with a company that supports WordPress, then these steps will be pretty similar. I’m sharing the steps I take with SiteGround, as they are my hosting provider.

Log into your dashboard and select the Websites option.

Click on the orange NEW WEBSITE button to get started.

I’ve already set my Domain Name up, so I selected the Existing Domain option.

You’ll need to add your Domain Name in the field provided here. Then click the orange CONTINUE button..

Because I did not register my Domain Name with Siteground, (I used Namecheap) I got this message.

Don’t worry if you see this, I’ll show you what to do with this a bit later on this page.

Select the Start New Website option if you are creating a new site from scratch, which, if you a reading this, you probably are.

You now have the option of selecting your Website Platform of choice.

As I use and recommend WordPress, I suggest clicking the first option for WordPress.

Ah, now you have to create an Admin User account.

This can be an email associated with your new Domain Name or it can be a different one, like a Gmail account.

You will use these details to log into your new website when it’s set up.

Almost there…

If you did not add SG Site Scanner when you created your Website Hosting, you’ll be offered it again here.

Click Add if you want it, or simply click the orange FINISH button to complete the WordPress installation.

Almost, almost there…

At this point, the Web Host (in this case SiteGround) will run some tech stuff in the background to build the bare bones of your new WordPress website…

Exiting stuff!!

Whoo hoo!

The basic Website Platform is now complete.

All we need to do now is connect the Domain Name details with your new site and you are good to go.

Exciting, exciting stuff!!

To connect the last of the dots we jump over to NameCheap and click on the Domain List tab on the left hand side of the screen

Then click the MANAGE button next to your Domain Name for your WordPress website .

You’re gonna have to use your mouse a little here…

Click on the drop down button in the NAMESERVERS section and change the option FROM Namecheap Basic DNS TO Custom DNS

You’re gonna have to use your mouse a little here again…

Copy and past the two DNS addresses that SiteGround gave earlier into the spaces here.

You can type them out if you wish, but it’s safer to copy and paste.

Once you’ve copied the Name Server details, just click the green tick icon to save your changes.

You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect, so at this point I would pour yourself a cup of your preferred beverage and give yourself a pat on the back.

Congratulations, you’ve now created your website.

There’s still a few tasks for you to complete before you can announce your achievement to the world, but you done good.

Don’t forget you can read up on Website Platforms and WordPress in my free E-Guide (if you’ve not grabbed your copy already).

CLICK HERE for the guide.

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