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Are You Just Getting Started Or Need Some Help With Your Small Business or Side Hustle Website?

If so then perhaps I can help you.

You can sound me out with a FREE, NO Obligation quick chat to where YOU…

  • Will only spend 15 to 20 minutes of your time
  • Can ask all the questions as you want for FREE
  • Will get a sense if we are a good fit
  • Are under No Obligation to say yes
  • Get a FREE review of your existing site

If you’re interested, complete the form to get started…


The form on this page is the first step to where you can quiz me over the interwebs with your “How To”, “How Much”, and “How Long Will It Take?” type questions.

You enter your contact details and a little info on where you are at with your site, and I’ll reach out to you within 48 hours to set up a call.
Don’t worry, at this stage there is no hard sell from me or any obligation on your part to commit to anything. 

It will just be a FREE 15 to 20 minute no-obligation consultation where you can see if I’m a good fit for your project and I can tell you if it is something I can take on.


You are a busy small business owner or someone who has a side hustle and you need a website or help with your current one.

You don’t have the spare change for an all singing, feature rich, big budget, hand coded epic, award winning design worthy of the Tate Modern or GOMA.

But you do need a site that adds fire to your business and retains your customers or clients attention nevertheless.

(Notice I did not say attract customers, but more on that later.)

If this is you then perhaps I can help.


I’m just a part time web guy, who’s standing (metaphorically) in front of a web visitor asking them to read on.

(Extra points if you recognise this.)

You may have checked my about page, but in case you did not, I’m Mark and I’m a solo operative who builds websites as a side gig to my main job.

I started out building a couple of sites for some pals a few years back and found that I enjoyed the process.

I’m a big believer in giving folks like you a hand to get more aquainted with how their site works and how you can grow it yourself.

I do this by offering lower budget options for folks who are just getting started or who want a little help with their past efforts.


Someone offering you a low cost website, sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it?

I understand your skepticism, but hear me out…

So why so cheap?

Because I’m a part time web dude, I simply can’t spend hours on design or function.

So to make things afforable and provide a quick turnaround, I make use of standard layouts that can be customised to suit your branding.

This template strategy is ideal if you’re just starting with a new site and want to learn how to manage the basics yourself without breaking anything.

Or if you have a limited budget right now, but plan to “level up” in the future.

“Low cost, low compromise”


I cannot promise a site that compares to those offered by boutique designers.

What I can do is create a clean design with no fuss navigation and compelling copy that sparks interest in your business.

I can also usually only help folks who run the the type of businesses that I am or have been directly invovled in during my day jobs, or where I have an active interest in the subject matter.

Areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Finance or Accountancy
  • Small Manufacturing
  • Service Based
  • Arts or Entertainment 

This allows me to hit the ground a little faster as I have more understanding of what makes these types of sites tick.

“Seek to retain, not just attract”

To circle back to my earlier statement that websites do not attract customers.

They don’t and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is certainly true for websites in our price range.

If that were the case then you would not be reading this.

Instead, I would put up a stunning site, sit back and wait for the cash to come rolling in and use it to buy my significant other all the finest coffee and trinkets I could muster and I all the shiny things my garage could hold.

Attracting folks to your site is done via your marketing activities, be they social, leaflet drops or paid ads.

"Use Your Marketing To Attract People To Your Website, Use Your Content To Keep Them On It"

However, your site does need to engage and retain them once they land on it.

If you are still reading this paragraph then you are an example of this.

I’ve placed an ad somewhere on the socials, or perhaps one of my Insta posts has picked up some traction and has sparked your curiosity.

Either way, I set the marketing wheels in motion to get you here and this copy (the stuff you’re reading now) is designed to keep you intersted and to read on.

For budget and bandwith concious small business owners, this is the type of thing where your website efforts need to be focussed.

Can you do this on budget?

Can a decent, functioning site be built on a minimal budget?

Yes and no, but mostly yes.

I am a big advocate of pouring as much cash into your marketing budget as possible.

If you do have funds aplenty, then I always advise seeking out a web agency or top-tier freelance professional.

On the other hand, if you are a little tight on budget then you will have to compromise on a few things to ensure your site works for you….

Basic Design

You can't expect draw dropping design...


You can have a site that doesn't look like it was created in the dark or on a Friday afternoon.
Click Here


This price range means a standard 5 page site...


Home , Services, About, Contact, Privacy. Oh, some of the content will come from you.
Click Here


If you don't have a logo or a colour scheme, it's not a deal breaker...


You'll need to provide this or get a pro to do it (sooner rather than later).
Click Here

So Where Is The Value Coming From?

I cannot claim any website I create for you will be dripping with stunning design or contain super whizz gizmos.

The lion share of my efforts will be to ensure we communicate your voice to your customers in a way that doesn’t bore them, but instead compels them to take action.

Punch above your marketing weight by telling a compelling story

Stories Are How People Listen And Pay Attention.

Your clients or customers need to know how you can help them, but in a way that doesn’t bore them.

They are not overly concerned with your life history, or even your mission statement. But they do want to know how you can solve their problems or meet their needs.

Think about the last time you met someone who only talked about themselves and how you couldn’t wait to move on to someone who actually listened to you.

Dont Make This Mistake With Your Website.

Make Your Clients Or Customers Feel That You "Get Them"

If your website is loaded with bland “all about me” type content, you will struggle to connect with your clients or customers on an emotional level.

This will make it difficult for you to demonstrate how you can solve their problems or provide the fun and exitement they are looking for, because your sales chatter will be all about features and not benefits…

For example, I could list all the features of the websites I build in order to impress you.

Or, I could just say…

“I take the worry from starting your website without you having to sell a lung, so you can concentrate on growing your business or side hustle.”

Which one sounds more in tune with you?

“Not A Web Guy For All Seasons”


I would love to tell you that I am a webguy for all seasons and any project is in my wheelhouse.

That would not be true.

In fact, if anyone ever tells you they can take on a huge web project all by themselves, then I would be very skeptical.

There are a lot of moving parts to a mid to high end web gig and this can only be successfully delivered with an agency team or a seasoned freelancer with a team behind them.

I am a part time web dude who knows how to set up beginner type sites. 

If you a have a large budget to play with and are looking for a high end commercial site with bells and whistles then I’m gonna have to pass.

My skills are honed on smaller sites on WordPress and focus on either getting you up and running or giving your DIY efforts a boost.


A Large Budget Site

If you are lucky enough to have a wad of cash to spend, then an agency or pro-freelancer is your best bet.

Advanced Design or Specific Requirements

Looking for custom mods or applications or do you need Renior design? Sorry, I can’t help you with this time.


If you have a ton of products to shift then perhaps a Shopify expert is going to be a better option for you.

A Non-Wordpress Build

There are plenty of website platforms around that will produce stunning and functional sites.  I just happen to use WordPress. 

So we know who I am not the best fit for.  So the big question is:

Who can I help? 


I get a great deal of satisfaction working with folks who understand that getting customers or clients means reaching out and that developing a site is a part of this process.

They also want to get involved in developing their site and their and marketing activities.

That’s not to say you need to be totally hands on.  If there is stuff you don’t want to do or know you shouldn’t, then that’s ok.  It’s your prerogative of being the one in charge.

You do, however, need to know and understand what is going on.

As a business owner you need to keep a tight hold on the credit card and the marketing.

If this sounds like the type of help you need, then we should talk.

I am able to clear the fog and give you the intel to either get you more marketing savvy or have a decent enough undertanding so you are not phased when speaking to a Pro Freelancer for Agency when you level up and are ready for a bigger budget gig.


A Start Up Website

If you are starting from the floor up and want something quickly that doesn’t look like a dogs breakfast, then I can help.

Simple And Clean Navigation And Design

At this end of the budget playbook we are going to be light on design, but that doesn’t mean that together we can’t produce something decent looking that you’ll be happy to put your logo on.

Support For A Service Or Non E-Commerce Site

Due to my own bandwidth, I only look after sites that center around businesses I have direct experince in or where I have a keen interest.   It’s the only way I can shortcut the delivery of a site we can both be happy with.

A WordPress Build

This is a bandwidth and personal preference thing.  I am more than comfortable with WordPress and don’t have the time or inclination to learn other platforms. 


I told you that you need to focus on keeping your visitor engaged rather than just hope it attracts them.

“Build a site to retain your customer, use your marketing to attract them to it.”



I told you that you need to focus on keeping your visitor engaged rather than just hope it attracts them.

“Build a site to retain your customer, use your marketing to attract them to it.”


Your eyes are not deceiving you. This section contains the same copy and call to action as the previous one.

I just wanted to show how, with even a little basic design we can make the words pop.

Please, carry on reading…

Wanna know what other small biz and side hustle folks have to say about me?

Frequently Asked Questions

Most web builders and agencies have a range of prices.  I do not have the bandwidth to offer that.  In order to keep things simple for all concerned I have a single price for a single service delivery (at this stage).  The pricing table (with it’s single offer) is somewhere below the FAQ on this page.

I’d be telling fibs if I said we could get something up and running in a couple of days.  In realty with life getting in the way, you’re more likley to be waiting 2 weeks for a completed site.  Remember, the functionality and design will be light on, but the copy will give you the framework to get comfy with managing your site while you level up.

You certainly can. In fact I actively encourage it. Using WordPress for the most part is straightforward.  So if it’s pictures and content you want to add, then I can guide you through that.

My day jobs have been within the Finance and Small Manufacturing and Building industries.  So if you are a Bookkeeper, Accountant or service based or you run a small manufacturing or construction type operation, I’ll be able to hit the ground running with regard to your requirements.  I’ve also set up websites for Wedding DJ Entertainers, Pet Minders and a Baby Massage Consultant, so I am adaptable, even if I say so myself.

Not Yet. I do not have the numbers (or time) to make this viable.  I can, however, help you to set your own affordable hosting up.


One Price

5 Page Website Package
$ 498
  • 1st Payment of $166 To Start The Gig
  • 2nd Payment of $166 To Keep Going
  • 3rd Payment of $166 to Go Live
Straight Talk Web Guide

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