Why Is Writing Website Content So Hard?

Writing stuff for your website can be a hard slog sometimes.

I would really, really like to sugarcoat it and tell you that it’s easy to write your own website content.

But it isn’t, it’s hard.

Well, actually, it sort of is and it sort of isn’t.

Firstly, there’s no doubt that keeping up a regular content schedule is difficult, especially if you don’t consider your self a writer.

Maintaining a content machine of blog posts, social media posts and commentary, not to mention email newsletters is no small undertaking.

But the one thing that makes this task a lot easier (not necessarily easy) is knowing and loving what you do.

As long as you live and breath your subject, then there is no reason that you cannot create regular content for at least one online marketing channel that resonates with like minded folk.

Because each of us has a story to tell.

Sure, not everyone wants to listen, and this is ok.

But what is important is knowing who you want to connect with and why ( hint; it’s because you want to help them.)

Before I impart my small piece of wisdom on how to make this capable for you, you need to know that this post is not meant to deliver a website copy masterclass.


If you’re after some expert learnings on how to be a killer copywriter and content producer, then you’ll get copy writing tips from folks way more skilled than me.

However, there is one piece of advice I can offer that has served me well in my modest attempts at crafting web content, and that it is to sleep on it.

I’ll explain what I mean below.

This does rely on what I said earlier, in that you have to be best pals with your subject matter.

When you want to get some stuff written for your website follow 3 steps

First off, select one single take away or idea and make that the one theme for your post/email/blog

This first step in make things easier, because it gives you one thing to concentrate on. Plus you don’t confuse the reader/viewer with multiple ideas or concepts to deal with.

Next, write like a crazy person for 15 to 20 mins ( or a length of time to suit you) with NO (and I mean NO INTERRUPTIONS).

This causes you to empty your head of all helpful and actionable thoughts you want to share with your audience in one hit.

During this time there are no edits, no spelling checks and you are free from the long arm of the grammar police.

The point of this part of the exercise is to generate creativity.

Next, sleep on what you’ve done.

This is super important.

You need to let your raw content rest and your brain to settle, before you return to it with a clear head so you can engage in edit mode.

So, after your initial content brain dump, take a long rest and go back and edit the next day with your logical brain engaged.

This works wonders for me and I am not even close to being a writer.

What I have learned and have come to acknowledge is I am connecting with a certain crowd who I have affinity and respect for.

Without being harsh, everyone else can exclude themselves. This means I don’t have to worry about a massive following of super slick or talented instagrammers who I could never emulate. (Much respect to them cos I learn from them every day) but they aren’t the ones that I can help.

I urge you to take this approach as well if you feel a little overwhelmed or out of your depth.

Remember there are folks who need to hear your information and more importantly the way that you tell it.

Oh, and practice, that really helps.

Write anything at any chance you get. Even if what you scribe will never get seen by anyone else but you.

Make writing a habit (if this is what you want to get more confident at) and keep crafting content at any opportunity.

As an example, the main meat and potatoes of this post was written on my phone while I was waiting in the doctors surgery for a check up.

I knew that I would have time to kill in the waiting room. So rather than get upset and frustrated at not being seen at my appointed time, I simply pulled out my phone and started fleshing out this exact blog post.

My idea was front and center in my mind and I knew what I wanted to say, so I just typed away with no care to spelling or where to put my commas.

The next day, I was able to review what I had written and make the required edits and updates with a focused approach.


What’s more, the content in here will also be repurposed as social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, thus making my doctor’s poor timekeeping a value opportunity for me. (More on how to do this in later posts.)

I can understand how daunting it can be to share your thoughts and opinions with the world using the written word, but don’t let it be something you regret never trying.

Keep well and good luck with your site

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