Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business

Lessons From My Day Job.

By some weird and unfortunate twist of fate, we recently inherited an unknown service charge on our main telecoms account which should have been attributed to another business who is located about 3 suburbs away from us.

I managed to track down the contact details of this mystery business as I wanted to alert them to this and give them a heads up of the new charges that are heading their way.

(We ain’t payin’ for it, no sur).

Being a curious fellow with all things websites, I took the opportunity to review their site and noticed they had registered their Domain Name based on the initials of their business.

My immediate thoughts were they are missing a trick, as they are in the financial service biz and should have some sort of keyword aspect to their domain name.

The personal financial services sector is a pretty competitive one and every little thing helps when you want to stand out in a crowded market.

Having a keyword related to your business or industry as part of your web address is one such “thing” so I was a little puzzled why their URL was a set of initials.

It’s possible their choice of Domain Name was limited to a number of probable barriers

  • Cost: Any financial services Domain Names may well be well sought after as they are very brandable and so can be very pricey
  • Availability: In relation to the branding aspect, the they wanted by have already been taken by someone else.
  • Just because: Or they thought their business names initials would be ok

Not sure what the basis of their decision was, but l can’t help think that there’s a missed opportunity here.

By having initials as their Domain Name it made it tricky to get to their website as it was easily misspelt when typing it into the browser.

What’s worse is I got some dicey search results at my first couple of attempts.

For the sake of keeping it clean I can’t reveal too much, but typing the URL directly into Aunty Google exposed a problem of selecting a domain name on that basis.

So the lesson here is to think carefully about your Domain Name and consider the keyword aspect to it.

By incorporating a keyword as part of your business URL, it will

  1. benefit you in search results
  2. help folks remember what to search for and
  3. provide your Domain Name with some authority

On this last point, I wouldn’t get too obsessed with cramming your Domain Name with keywords as you still want it to relate to either your location, personal name or some other distinct aspect of your business.

Click the link below to watch the video:

I did take a gander at the possible options and found that a more suitable, keyword friendly Domain Name is (at the time of recording this post) available and is ready to but for a reasonable amount.

Again, I cannot comment on the decision process, and perhaps it works well for them, but nevertheless, if you are starting your own small business or side hustle website, then please consider the Domain Name for it and make it easy for potential customers and search engines to deal with it.


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